Sunday, November 14, 2010

Square Burger (aka popping my burger cherry!)

Square Burger-not for squares
Square burger refers not to the shape of the burger, as they are most definitely round, but to the location on McKinney Square.
True we are way up in the burbs here and this was not my usual Friday night debauchery but I had yet to try a burger....and I mean ever!!!
I started eating red meat just a few months ago and had yet to venture into burger land.
I sure as hell wasn't going to pop my burger cherry at McDonalds, so hearing Square Burger had seven varieties made from grass-fed, hormone-free meat made from McKinney's Genesis Beef.
I headed North in search of Burgertopia
For the record, they also have lamb, turkey and salmon but this time I was out for MEAT

Downtown Mckinney is cute and the glass walled windows at Square burger are inviting (though there is no real sign on the outside just a small etched burger insignia on the door).

The neon lit bar is inviting and with 30 beers on tap as well as all the usual alcohol libations this place is worth the drive
The waitresses (and waiters) are gorgeous and friendly, and the interior looks more like a nightclub but its certainly family oriented with parents, kids, oldies and teens all gathered at tables and booths

As this was my first burger, I steered away from the more creative variations and went for the stadium burger which had onions and a great spicy mustard aioli
When you have never eaten a burger before, its hard to write a review and compare but...Man oh man was it good. Tender and well cooked with rich meaty flavours. The fried pickle was a nice touch too

Stadium Burger
Hubby had the "high society Burger" (but of course) With layers of Prosciutto and field greens

High society Burger
We both got the sweet potato fries and the thin spicy onion rings. Despite the reviews on the potato fries they didn't blow me away though they did have good flavour to where they almost felt like dessert
Sweet potato fries and onion rings
This is not a fast food joint and at $9 - $11 per burger this is certainly not cheapeats. However,  the burgers were huge, satisfying and well worth the $$.
I have been reading up on small farms, organic farming and grass fed cattle. I would prefer to support these methods of farming in my newly carnivorous life and Square burger fits that bill
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