Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Toulouse Je t'aime!

A while ago I posted a question on Facebook asking people for their top 5 restaurants in Dallas and a friend posted Toulouse!
Of course, I instantly had their WEBSITE up and was salivating. I didn't get much further than reading about the award winning mussels and I know I had to get down there pronto.
During my travels in France, and more particularly Belgium I fell in love with the dish Moules Frites (Mussels and french fries) and since the sad closing of Jeroboam I have yet to find anything that is quite as delicious.
Toulouse had quite big boots to fill .
Located on Knox Street, Toulouse gave great first impressions. The patio was lively during this Saturday lunch time visit and inside I felt transported back to St Catherine's area of Brussels with the casual bistro decor. Golden yellow walls, hardwood floors and quirky French art posters and murals adorning the walls.
Some of the online reviews weren't too favourable about the food there so I kept my order simple Mussels and Pomme Frites (fries), escargot (snails) and a glass of wine..
I couldn't have been more happy. The Escargot Toulouse ($9.95) were already removed from their shells (as is common in the USA) and soaking in little baths of delicious garlic/butter sauce. A couple of my companions turned their noses up at my appetizer choice but when I persuaded (OK, forced) them to try it they soon changed their tune.
"Kinda like garlic mushrooms" said one.


A+ so far and I waited with baited breath for the Mussels
They had five flavours to choose from and you could order then as an appetizer for ($13) or as an entree with Pomme Frites for ($19.95) I had chosen the traditional Mariniere- Garlic, White Wine, Butter & Shallots and they arrived in a steaming bowl with the Pomme frites alongside in their own freestanding iron dish with a side of their own mayo

Mussels Mariniere
The mussels were FAT and very tasty, the sauce had amazing flavour but subtle enough to not be overpowering. Perfect!
I thought the pomme frites could have done with having a little more "crisp" to the outside (as it traditional in the Belgium Fritkot) but that's just me trying to find any fault- which was hard to do!
Pomme Frites

Hubby ordered the Provençale version- Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives, White Wine, Garlic & Herbs. My other lunch companion got the
Thai ones- Coconut Milk, Yellow Curry, Tomatoes, Lemongrass, Ginger, Cilantro & Lime! Both also got a huge thumbs up but my preference was definitely for my own which had the most delicate flavour.
I'm adventurous with food, but I will have a hard time (on my most definite return) straying too far down the menu with these available
 for my comsumption

Merci Beaucoup. Toulouse, je t'aime!
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  1. I'm so glad it was good! We haven't gotten past Momo's, but someday well try it!

  2. Ah - I lived in Brussels, near Place St. Catherine, for 11 years...I know what you are talking about!

  3. ...you realize your French food blogs set me of on this search! :)

  4. I am glad to hear...I thought nobody was reading that series...

  5. btw, I would highly recommend the mussels at Meddlesome Moth!! Served 4 diff ways. Alll DELISH!

  6. Kim...I Love Meddlesome Moth food!

  7. Moule mariniere... ah! it brings back happy memories of Jersey...

    We've got to go to Toulouse when we come back to the Big D!

  8. Ana...Hurry back! Toulouse is a must return.