Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We were in Oak lawn strolling round on a blissfully mild fall day when I saw PARIGI tucked away off the pavement. I could have easily missed it, except on this warm afternoon the patio was full of pretty people looking relaxed and happy. Hungry? I was now

I had actually read about this bistro months earlier and was impressed with its claim for using sustainable foods and its partnership with local farmers, so i was intrigued.
Their website is actually very impressive with photos from various travels and farmers markets as well as personal notes about the Parigi owners and chefs.

The decor was rather plain which didn't matter too much as their waiters/waitresses were all gorgeous (so many pretty people down Oaklawn).
On first glance this restaurant feels like it has a personality disorder.  Parigi (which is actually the Italian word for Paris) says it models itself on the "bistros of Paris, with a New York feel" HUH?
I didn't really get the feel of either of these locations from the decor (or the food) and thought Parigi would be better homing in more on its farm friendly side.

Anyway, we ordered from the Fall Friendly lunch menu.

Roasted and stuffed Acorn Squash

Hubby got the Roasted Acorn Squash stuffed with quinoa, peas,carrots, parsnips,spinich and Asiago cheese for $12

Presentation was stunning and it was true fall comfort food stuffed full of veggies and cheese! Hubby thought the cheese was too much but I thought it was great and such a simple idea executed so well

De constructed Cali roll
I ordered the Deconstructed Cali roll with sweet lump gulf crab, cucumber, avocado, nori rice, ginger soy and wasabi for $13            

Again, the presentation was wonderful and I felt like I was tucking into art! Actually this dish looked more like an ahi tower than anything else

First taste and I wasn't impressed. The lump crab meat was lovely but flavourless. I began destroying the artwork of the dish by squishing it altogether, much they would in a sushi restaurant (the waitress had not suggested this) and suddenly the taste was transformed from blah to bammmmmm!
It was instantly a wonderful array of flavours all at once, creamy and spicy

So despite the confusing genre of this restaurant it still gets my seal of approval and I look forward to returning for more seasonal samples in the near future

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  1. Thanks :)Im enjoying the research !!!! :)

  2. bistros of Paris, with a New York feel" that sounds like pretentious Dallas snobs.

    But that squash looks very yummy!