Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baileys Prime Plus


"Baileys Prime Plus" didn’t get the most glowing review by D magazine. Something about it being more Vegas glitz than quality food.
"Perhaps I’m not a big fan of Bailey’s because Ed Bailey seems to care more about the atmosphere than the food or service
I beg to differ. I actually thought the décor was subtle and classy in this Park lane eatery.
You have to respect a man who started with a McDonalds Franchise and then later went on to sue the very company that made his first millions. That alone is almost worth a Baileys Prime Plus voyeuristic visit .
We arrived purposely early to dinner in order to sample one of the signature cocktails in the adjoining bar and we were surprised to see there was a reverse Happy Hour about to begin (half price off all cocktails, house wines and domestic beers…and on a Saturday night. Sweet)

The bar itself was elegant and lush with reds and gold rich colours. The bar staff were friendly and the welcoming without being too gushy.

My drink (cucumber Martini) was made perfectly without and fancy trimmings and the bargirl actually used a straw to taste test the cocktail before handing it to me. A quality control I find sadly lacking in most places.
The restaurant itself is beautiful. Its touted as being a steakhouse without the usual testosterone hunting dark wood walls. The walls were pale and chandeliers kept the rooms light and elegant.

Running down the middle of the restaurant is a marble lined reflecting pool framed on both sides by trees.
As far as first impressions go this place has it spot on.
Our waiter was as pretty as the surroundings and helped us through the menu making suggestions along the way.
The food did not disappoint.
For an appetizer the insanely decadent chicken fried and lobster stuffed avocado was as good as it sounds ($15). I don’t eat steak (I know….I know..) so I opted for the seafood entrée and the Jalapeno onion crusted Bass ($25) was fabulous with a tequila and chile cream sauce making the dish extra special.

My dinner comrades did have steak and no complaints there either.
Hubby had the prime strip steak ($35) and my girl friend tried the waiters recommendation the "Steak and Cake" which was a personal twist on surf and turf only this was steak and crab cake!
There ARE better steakhouse in Dallas (Bobs!) but for a good food experience in gentile, pretty surroundings this one has my vote.
Rock on Ed Bailey!

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  1. Jenni Jackson said....Glad to hear Bob's is still better : ) YUM!