Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tei An

Tei-An required two visits, and by no fault of its own !

The first time we treated this random find like any other sushi joint in Dallas by ordering tempura, sashimi and sushi. Whilst these were all fabulously good eats; the next day we realized our mistake when we saw the website and the reviews crowing over the amazing house made soba noodles

Hmmmmmmm...It took no persuading each other to return the following weekend

Tei-An is located in One Arts Plaza which is home to other culinary delights such as Screen door yet walking through the doors here is like entering a peaceful oasis. The larger tables are dimly lit and atmospheric, separated screens for privacy. The other area to eat is rounded like a sushi bar with a fountain in the center casting a zen feel around the diners
As Im discussing decor, this blog cannot go by without the mention of the "powder room". Who writes about the toilets in a culinary blog? Well, If you have read my other (travel) blogs you will know about my love affair with the Japanese toilets. Here at Tei-An they installed the same porcelain Gods. Its truly like a religious experience being greeting by a pre warmed TOTO robotic toilet makes my night.

Oh how easy it would be to spend all night in the ladies room cleaning, spraying, drying. Anyway...arhhh hmmmmm I digress !!

Luckily the food is wonderful and bathroom breaks are kept to a minimum time limit.On that note-the food.
The menu sets the mood when you first sit down.Its scroll like and you need to unravel it to read which somehow makes me feel very important.
As I stated we focused on the sushi/sashimi on our previous visit and everything was fresh and delicious. The tempura was particularly good. We have recently spent time in Japan and one thing they do to perfection is Tempura. Tei-An got this spot on too but serving it piping hot so it melted in your mouth.
Most Japanese restaurants in Dallas to focus on sushi and what i found in Japan was that sushi is such a small part of their daily diet. What I liked most about Tei-An is that it ventures into other sides of Japanese cuisine and their menu is extensive and full of authentic Japanese dishes.

They are most famous for their Soba (both hot and cold) and so this visit I ordered this only and was not disappointed. The dish I ordered was a sampler with various sauces to pair with them.
They were fantastic. I was doubtful of the "western" sound to some like "Texas Pecan sauce". It actually wasn't my favourite but it wasn't bad either.
Being English I found it a culture shock in the Japanese noodle bars of Tokyo to hear a constant slurping as locals eat...I think here I almost SLURRPPPED! So very good
Soba here is NOT however the same price as in Japan. This Dallas soba house is not cheap but I think you will find, as I did, that the food, atmosphere and service is well worth the indulgence!
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