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We have been to Oceanaire many times as the seafood (in my opinion) is some of the best and freshest in Dallas. However we haven't been since they got bought out by Landrys so i went with baited breath hoping it hadn't brought about changes for the worst.

Oceanaire is an upscale seafood chain (though it does have good steak offerings too) located in the Wesern Hotel -Gallerea Mall. They modelled the restaurant on a 1930s ocean liner and I love the elegant feel as you walk in from the hustle of the mall.

fish and plantains
fresh oysters
As always the menu is printed daily with fresh flown in fish and the oyster bar is a must, where you can chose different oysters from various location in America for $2.20 each...Fun if you don't have a favourite type or taste and you want to try a mix. I'm no oyster connoisseur and find it surprising how different they all taste depending on the ocean and bay they are from.

On this occasion our waiter was an very flamboyant older man, obviously gay and very entertaining... At least for a while. Over time his extrovert theatrics got a little tiring and made me avoid eye contact in fear of encouraging another session. I really wouldn't have minded but in entertaining the table he made mistakes..bringing wrong orders and forgetting what we had asked for.

Ahi Tuna
Also as I was undecided about what to order between the Ahi tuna and the Maine scallops he suggested I pick the tuna as it had flown in that day and "looked divine" and he would let me have a scallop on the side so i got the best of both worlds. On getting the check I realized I had been charged $6 for the one scallop on top of my tuna price. I don't mind being charged but I would rather have been told it was going to happen instead of feeling like he was just being accommodating.

Fresh Oysters
The food at the Oceanaire is wonderful and was so this night too, but it is expensive (tuna- $39, Scallops- $36). In times like this I expect alot if I'm paying that much for seafood and whilst i can't fault the food i didn't feel the whole experience was up to par from what I've had in the past.
The sides were always infamous for their size (asparagus like tree trunks yet still delicious) and this visit the sides just seemed like any regular steakhouse..nothing special at all

Overall I still love Oceanaire but its rating has slipped from an A+ but an A- now.
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