Saturday, September 18, 2010


Putting on the Ritz

The Birthday girl and Dean Fearing
A visit to Fearings is a treat all round. First its located in the Ritz Carlton hotel so walking through the lobby foyer is an experience in opulence right there. The rattlesnake bar comes next.. dimly lit with a mix of "old money", "new money" and "would do anything for money" types. How I love to people watch here!
There is a a really nice patio bar too called "The Live Oak Bar" named after the large oak trees providing shade, but on this 100 degree night Oak trees weren't going to cut it, so we remained indoors until it was time to eat.
The Birthday girl on her Birthday throne

Dean Fearing oozes Southern charm and having the owner/chef visit your table and chat during dinner is just one of those touches that i like. This was my third visit to Fearings and each time he has approached the table for small talk and photo opportunities. Dean knows how to work a room, and what a room it is.
Fearings has to have my favourite decor in Dallas with several uniquely designed rooms and impeccable service on each and every visit.
This time was no exception.... Our birthday girl guest of honour was even given her own throne chair at the table which was a lovely touch.
We had arrived just in time for a few new "fall menu items" which I was excited about.

For appetizer I ordered the "yellow tail two ways" which jumped out at me on the menu as it said it came from the Tsukiji fish market which was the exact place in Tokyo we had visited. After eating it months earlier in the Japanese fish market I should have been prepared for disappointment. It wasn't all...but how could I have thought about matching that experience. My bad!
Roasted Van Vooren Ranch Pheasant
For the main i opted for the brand new Fall addition of the Roasted Van Vooren Ranch Pheasant which was wonderful. The dish was actually pheasant done two ways; one part was more simple in a gravy whilst the other was fried into tenders. Both were great but the fried pheasant blew away the gravy pheasant making it taste bland in comparison.

Hubby ordered the Broken Arrow Ranch NilGai Antelope and this had a lovely flavour, whilst the birthday girl tried the chicken fried lobster which was particularly decadent.
Fearings isn't cheap but it is a treat and you will be treated well. So if you are going to blow big $$ on a meal this is a good one to chose
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