Saturday, September 25, 2010

Texas State Fair 2010

Ah.... the Texas state Fair and all the wonderful and bizarre fried foods that come with it!
Thank god for Lipitor. I took my double dose and headed down there to see what crazy creations there were this year.....

Fried Margarita
 The Fried Margarita- a new addition for 2010 but not a winner! Really this was just pieces of fried doughnut with tequila poured over it all topped off with a squirt of fresh cream and a slice of lime. Nothing special really and amusing that we had to show ID to buy one. I mean it was 14 coupons ($7) so who is going to bother getting wasted on this when just steps away from fair park there are bars selling better tequila for $1 shots!
Well it was worth trying and not bad!

Fried Beer???

  The winner of 2010 most creative food was the FRIED BEER! Yes you heard it right and yes we did have to show ID for this too!!!
Basically this dish was like a fried ravioli with a burst of beer in the center.
"be careful" they warned us after checking our ages " when you bit into this the beer will go everywhere"
Well hardly...I spill more beer than what was in the center of these
And the taste? Disgusting..imagine bland deep fried Ravioli with a bitter liquid inside. Then to top it all off they add cheese.
Excuse me while I blow chunks

Fletchers Corn dog
 A Corn dog is hardly unusual food, but it is quintessential State fair food. In fact the Corn dog was said to have been created for the Texas state fair back in 1942 by Neil Fletcher and so the Corn dog was born. A hot dog coated in Corn batter and deep fried!
My first ever corn dog too !!!
Fried Lemonade
I wasn't sure what to expect with the fried lemonade but was pleasantly surprised. Lemon doughnut cake  deep fried andsoaked in a lemon syrup with powdered sugar on top
Dentists around Texas will be cheer for this cash cow !


  1. Oh my god: FRIED BEER! I still have to try fried butter...but next time I need to make my way to the Texas State fair. From the funky food I see, I think it would be a well worth trip.

  2. Bring lots of Mylanta! haha!

    I think last year's fried peach pie at the Fair was enough for me. Luckily, this year I have my very own Brit foodie friend to try all those "delicacies" and tell me what they taste like.

    Thank you for volunteering!