Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sea food

We got a groupon  to use at Coast Global Seafood which is in the lovely Shops at Legacy suburban (wanna be urban) development in Plano.
I happen to love this area in far North Dallas. Not only is it close by but it really does not feel like you are deep in suburbia here. Coast has an ideal location right by the fountains which can be seen through the huge glass windows or on the patio if al fresco is your dining choice.
This restaurant is decorated beautifully and I just feel instantly relaxed when i walk through the doors; from the art coral "growing" up from the hostess station to the art deco bar with its water bubble design Coast manages to fit an elegant theme without tacky kitsch.

The beautiful bar at Coast Global Seafood
This was my second visit and I find it a little sad that this restaurant is never very busy, say compared to Ra or Gordon Biersch which are both spitting distance from here.
On this occasion, the hostesses seemed stressed and the room chaotic even though it was no where near to capacity. We soon learned (from our bartender) that they were struggling with staff being off sick, and braced ourselves for a rough night.

Turns out our bartender, (Wade) ,was also our waiter and guardian angel as it turns out as he was all smiles and calm in the Coast global storm. He didn't let the chaos of the night reach us and was as grateful to us for our humour and patience as we were of his experience and genial manner. He even brought us over a free martini cocktail (alcohol always helps keep the masses at bay).
We had a false start with the appetizer, a creamy green chili crab dip, which had little flavour and was not served piping hot.
However, the Mains completely erased this disappointment.
The sea scallops at $25 were not cheap but cheaper than others I've had which didn't match Coast's tender deliciousness and these were served with an oh so tasty garlic roasted spaghetti squash; so kudos to them for making vegetables so appealing.
Hubby chose the Scottish salmon, which I shy away from in restaurants just because its something we make at home and never elicits that "rare treat" quality that I like from eating out. My bad!!! It was amazing, served with (the largest pearls I've seen) lemon couscous. Hubby couldn't stop carrying on about the greatness of his meal (may be directly related to the amount of alcohol at this point) but it was exceptionally good and worth the $22.

reserved lemon cous cous & citrus butter
Scottish Salmon with p

I certainly hope Coast Global seafood survives, it really is a beautiful restaurant with excellent seafood; but without a few tweaks here and there I worry about their longevity in the fickle Dallas market!

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  1. I am the same as you when it comes to salmon in restaurant. but the few times I ordered it I was never disappointed.